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Amanda Wampner, Owner


Over 20 Years of Grooming Experience

Amanda Wampner is a professional Dog Groomer that attended and graduated from the Academy of Dog Grooming in Arlington Heights, IL in 2003. She trained under the very talented groomer, Lisa Leady.


Amanda started her own business Pretty Paws LLC Pet Grooming in January 2004.

Outside of Pretty Paws, Amanda likes spending time outdoors, hunting, showing her German Shorthair Pointers and spending time with her Husband.


Rachael G joined Pretty Paws in 2018. She came to us with a couple years of grooming experience and fit right in immediately. She is married with two daughters, Peyton and Penelope. They share their home with their two Carolina Dogs, Saleen and Steeda, and a Mini Satin Rabbit named Scarlett.


Rachael's favorite part of grooming is helping dogs feel better and look their best. She loves helping to educate owners on the proper care and grooming needs for their dog.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, crafts and camping. 

Rachael also serves as the Manager of Pretty Paws and steps in when Amanda is away. We are lucky to have her!



Hailey K joined Pretty Paws in July of 2021. She came to us with 2.5 years of grooming experience. Hailey's favorite dogs to work with are the small mixed breeds. She loves making the dogs feel pampered. She also enjoys dabbling in creative grooming such as dying with colors.


Hailey shares her home with her boyfriend, Jarrett, three dogs (Arlo, Louise and Raymond) and a Crested Geko named Klaus.


Outside of work she enjoys hanging out with friends, gardening and cooking. She enjoys experimenting with new recipes and bringing treats to work to share. Yum! 


Alex N joined Pretty Paws in 2021. She came to us with past dog daycare and bathing experience. She trained with us and is now a groomer. Alex loves talking with clients and working hard to match her grooms to the client's expectations.


She especially enjoys working with Golden Retrievers, Shih Tzus and Mixes. Outside of work she enjoys hiking, learning about animal nutrition and painting. She shares her home with her dog, Tank and her Cats, Delilah and Iris.

Alex helps with our social media management! 


Emily D joined Pretty Paws in 2022. She came to us with past Vet Tech experience and was looking for something new. She continues to keep up with veterinary medicine.  


Emily shares her home with her boyfriend, Beau, 5 cats (Harold, Pretty Girl, Billy, Missy and Frosty), 4 dogs (Arnie, Noomi, Little girl and Mazie) and their group of foster dogs. 


Emily's favorite part of grooming is being exposed to all the different breeds of dogs. She especially loves big dogs. She enjoys making their "spa days" a great experience. Outside of work she enjoys working with the foster dogs, gardening and crafts. 



Mackenzie M joined Pretty Paws in 2021. She currently is a bather and grooming trainee. 


Mackenzie started working in the dog industry at the age of 16 and she loves it. She finds the before and after grooms very rewarding. Her favorite part of grooming is the satisfaction of blow drying a shedding dog.  

Mackenzie shares her home with her beloved black lab, Denali. Outside of working she enjoys concerts, traveling and finding new dogs sports with Denali. 

Mackenzie helps with our social media management! 

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